The Global Honor Unit was started as a result of a dream I had several years ago. In the dream I saw people dancing and rejoicing in the glory of God. (Ps 149:5)

You might wonder… what does it mean to “rejoice in the glory of God”? If we look at the word glory in the Hebrew language, we see a word pronounced kaw-bode. One of the renderings of the word glory is the word honor.

The pathway to rejoicing in life is the pathway of honor. We need a restoration of honor in how we conduct life in every relationship, and at every relational crossroad.

One practical step toward experiencing the rejoicing that God intends for all of us to experience is to live a life of honor.

We exist to equip people from all walks of life to understand and apply the principle of honor to every facet of life!



A good name or public esteem: REPUTATION; a person of superior standing; putting your fellow man’s interest above your own; one whose worth brings respect or fame.


The quality of being just, impartial, or fair. We practice being impartial, just and fair in all of our dealings and interactions.


To remain humble at all times, even when being elevated. Not having a puffed up or haughty spirit. Freedom from pride; ranking low; not thinking more highly; sane estimate of oneself.


We believe in going the extra mile to support people and causes that agree with our values.


We are committed to moral excellence, and qualities that make for good conduct. The traits and habits of an individual.